About Chez Nous

Chez Nous started when a group of International strangers gathered around a table at Ryleigh’s Oyster bar in Mount Vernon, Baltimore. We were immigrants, most of us, and searching for a connection with others. There are few better points of connection than a table full of delicious food. Every few weeks, we decided to throw some money in a communal pot and teach each other the cuisines of our people. Our group has shifted as semesters ended and jobs changed, but we continue to be a magnet for other lost immigrants in Baltimore. As we cherish our old friends and develop new friendships, we continue our international dinners, now searching out new cultures to discover together.


Nico and I host our friends for dinner and are inviting you to give our recipes a try! Hope you enjoy!

My name is Daria and I have been cooking and painting my whole life. I love the idea of food bringing disparate people together. I love cooking and gathering huge groups of friends over a meal, and hope to inspire you to do the same!

Chez Nous is meant as a juncture between a journal of our experience and a curated inspiration for the beginning of yours. Each “Place” is a different region and cuisine that we have explored in one of our dinners. Within each culture, you should find three courses, and how to organize the meal.

photo by Gonzo Beck

If you enjoy these recipes, consider testing some of my other recipes for our first publication! Chez Nous, the International Dinners of Baltimore.