Blanquette de Veau

I was spending the last few days of our winter vacation in Paris and chatting with friends to plan the de-installation of a show we were all participating in. My current location came to be the topic of conversation, and a dear friend reminisced about a Blanquette de Veau she ate at Auberge Bressane in Paris. Since the girls were spending the night this past weekend, I offered to make the dish for them.


Demi-glace is so hard to describe, it is like the essence of deliciousness, the French umami. It intensifies the flavor of any meat that you pair it well, and I am looking forward to pairing it with some roast lamb legs this coming Sunday. Stay tuned for all of the recipes!

Leek and Whey Risotto served with Seared Scallops in Brown Butter

Risotto is a mainstay in the fall for me. I have loved it since my friend Kikki in Brooklyn made some for me with ingredients she brought back from her second home in Bormio. Every time I make it, I think about her bringing the big hunk of Parmesan out of its packaging and grating it liberally into the dish.


Escargot is quintessentially French, isn’t it! You say snail’s in reference to anything else, and the most common retort is “ew”. But escargot is a delicacy! The snail itself is mostly a vehicle for a delicious garlicky butter sauce.
I found many recipes for escargot and it felt like all of them were lacking in garlic, but I went with the flow, afraid to over-season. In the end, I wish I added more garlic, so I am doubling the amount of garlic in my recipe for your use.

Fresh Pea Soup

Spring time brings a plethora of lovely vegetables! Asparagus has been rolling in at the farmers market over the past month, and so have the glorious morels that we made into a Souffl√© last week, and finally, the farmer with a cooler full of fresh peas arrived last weekend! I couldn’t help buying a pound…

Butternut Squash Risotto – A Meal for my Mother

I love to visit my parents and cook them a great meal! And what better excuse than Mother’s Day? How about your mom’s birthday? My mom’s happens to always fall on or around Mother’s Day. I always ask her what she wants me to cook for her, she always tells me to surprise her. This…

Buttered Naan

Naan! Naan is so delicious! I add garam masala to vegetable soups just so I have an excuse to make some to go along with them! Try my Curried Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup to go along with this! Although naan container yeast and baking powder, it is a flatbread of sorts, so the rise…

Clotted Cream and Butter

Clotted cream is not something you come across frequently in America. I have only been served clotted cream once, and it was during a High Tea at an Alice in Wonderland themed tea room in New York. Clotted cream is delicious, but rather pricey! Luckily for us all, it is incredibly easy to make! ¬†All…