Sweet Cheese Martabak

I think I went through a phyllo phase. And what a beautiful phase it was! This is one of my favorite desserts, it turned out even better than I could have expected. The buttery phyllo turns out perfectly flaky and the ricotta and goat cheese mixture comes alive when it is topped with the lemon-sugar syrup. And the dessert looks so perfectly presentable if you pre-slice it before baking and serve the entire pastry on a wooden cutting board. It will seem like there is too much syrup, but don’t panic, pour it all over the pastry and it will absorb within 10 minutes.

Japanese-Hawaiian Fusion – the Dinner

Nico and I spent an amazing three weeks in Hawaii. We camped around Kauai, Honolulu, and the Big Island. We went on crazy, grueling hikes to see amazing sights and swam the oceans and met an incredible breadth of sea creatures, it was so cool! Most of the time, we cooked our own food since…

Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi Ice Cream Daria Souvorova 2 hours active, 12 hours + rest makes: 10-60 mochi ice creams (dough recipe is for 10) Cute! That is the best way to describe these lovely, colorful balls of deliciousness. I love ice cream, but hate it dripping down my hands as I try to finish off my cone….

Victoria Sandwich Cake

This might just be the most British cake that we served at High Tea. The cake became a popular tea-time treat during the reign of Queen Victoria, it is said that it was her favorite cake! Traditionally, this delicious, buttery, sponge cake is served with raspberry jam and whipped cream sandwiched in between two cakes.  Whenever I…