Crudité Platter

In comes Crudités! The harvest season seems a bit longer this year, due to the strange weather, so the farmer’s market is still awash with beautiful fall vegetables. I wanted to showcase their beauty and color. You can use any variety of veggies that you can get your hands on. Our platter had 2 varieties of radishes, green beans, Persian cucumbers, carrots, radicchio, baby bell peppers, asparagus, and some pistachios for crunch. We served our veggies with two sauces, a homemade aioli and homemade Caesar dressing.

Temaki Hand Rolls – California and Spicy Tuna

When everyone thinks Japan, they think sushi! I wasn’t exempt from this presumption, but I figured since my maki and sashimi skills are not quite up to par, I would make some Temaki Hand rolls as part of our first course.

I made two varieties, Spicy Tuna, with the highest quality sashimi tuna I could find and a California Roll made with real lump crab. I follow Morimoto’s recipe for sushi rice which I find to have a more nuanced flavor than the traditional rice vinegar and sugar recipes I have found online.

The Art of the Tea Sandwich

I had a friend who once told me his ex-girlfriend would never order sandwiches at a restaurant because if she pays for food, she demands more than someone just stacking ingredients between two pieces of bread. I can see the logic, but man, I love sandwiches! I order sandwiches all the time! There is an…

London – The High Tea

My garden is in bloom and I have been itching to have a tea party since I came home from London! The garden High Tea is really a perfect combination of some of my favorite things in the world! I love to dress up, I love to have an excuse to bake up half a…