Sicilian Seafood Couscous

For our couscous, I paired monkfish with a quick stew of carrots, celery, and tomato with basil, cinnamon, and saffron, a perfect mix of Sicilian and North African flavors. The broth is very quick to make, so you do not need to labor over it for hours like you would the Lamb and Duck couscous. I am really happy with this dish, it will be a perfect dish for spring and summer meals as the weather warms up! 

Rabbit Paella with Artichokes

One of the stars of our Catalan dinner was the Rabbit Paella with Artichokes. Many of the dishes on our menu were Pescatarian, a nod to the thriving fish markets in Barcelona and the whole Catalan region. To balance this out, I wanted to add some meat to our menu. Chicken seemed boring, and I have been cooking a lot of lamb of late, so I decided to go with some game. I couldn’t get my hands on more venison in time, so I decided to go for rabbit.

Bouillabaisse with Rouille

The Bouillabaisse is foolproof! Bouillabaisse originates from Marseilles and was made of cheap cuts of fish and eaten by fishermen who reserved the better cuts to sell. Since then, it has become a quintessential dish. It is served with baguette and a Rouille drizzled into the soup to add flavor, much in the same way that sour cream is added to the Russian Borsht.

Goat or Lamb Biryani

This dish is always a crowd pleaser in the best Indian joints I frequent. Only once did I see it presented traditionally with the chapati crust. Reading many recipes, I decided this was an amazing challenge to make authentically with the crust and the goat meat that it would traditionally be served with. I have…

Mango Jam with Cardamom and Saffron

I used up two of my giant pile of mangoes yesterday, but six more were sitting on my counter, threatening me with their ripeness. I love jam, in fact, now that I can bake a great baguette and figured out how to make my own butter, I occasionally survive for days on end on toasted…

Mango Ice-cream from 4 Ingredients without an Ice-cream Maker!

The days are getting warmer and warmer, and fruit and ice-cream seems more and more delicious every time you think about it! I was walking around the grocery store this week and noticed that mangos were on sale for 50 cents a piece…I bought eight without hesitation. While dragging them home, I started¬†daydreaming of my…