Sicilian Seafood Couscous

For our couscous, I paired monkfish with a quick stew of carrots, celery, and tomato with basil, cinnamon, and saffron, a perfect mix of Sicilian and North African flavors. The broth is very quick to make, so you do not need to labor over it for hours like you would the Lamb and Duck couscous. I am really happy with this dish, it will be a perfect dish for spring and summer meals as the weather warms up! 

Couscous and Halloumi Salad with Kale and Roast Winter Veggies

This dinner was inspired by Blue Apron. Or rather, the occasional inefficiency of the shipper they use Laser Ship. Laser Ship insisted that they delivered my box on Tuesday as usual, but it was not on my porch when I looked, and the “3:31 pm” delivery time that they quoted was actually when I was scraping ice off of my front stoop. Wouldn’t you know it, my groceries “appeared” on my step on Friday evening.

Morocco – The Dinner

I have been looking forward to this for months!  I have been researching the incredible cuisines of Morocco for such a long time, and I finally felt prepared to serve it to my lovely group of friends and to share the recipes with all of you. If you have been following, you might have noticed…

Lamb and Duck Couscous with Apricots

I have been planning my big Moroccan dinner for months, and talking about hosting it for almost a year now! I bought a hand built tagine (stay tuned for tagine recipes and guides!) and a beautiful Moroccan copper Couscousier. Everyone that knows me knows how much I love to cook on traditional copper and tin…

How to Steam Moroccan Couscous

We have all seen couscous on menus and blue apron orders, but that is not real couscous, real couscous is steamed and raked with love! I was making a big couscous dish in preparation for my Moroccan dinner later this month, and wanted to share with you the proper way to steam couscous in a…