Temaki Hand Rolls – California and Spicy Tuna

When everyone thinks Japan, they think sushi! I wasn’t exempt from this presumption, but I figured since my maki and sashimi skills are not quite up to par, I would make some Temaki Hand rolls as part of our first course.

I made two varieties, Spicy Tuna, with the highest quality sashimi tuna I could find and a California Roll made with real lump crab. I follow Morimoto’s recipe for sushi rice which I find to have a more nuanced flavor than the traditional rice vinegar and sugar recipes I have found online.

Baltimore’s Crab Cakes

This is my third year in Baltimore, so for Fourth of July, along with a beautiful platter of Grilled Steak, Duck, Fennel, and Peaches, I wanted to serve some mini Crab cakes. I buy crabmeat whenever it is on sale and keep it in my freezer for anytime a friend comes to visit us. Baltimore…