Brazo de Gitano Cake with Persimmon Jam

This is the thought process that created our Brazo de Gitano. I saw a lot of rolled cakes during our trip to Barcelona. This cake, sometimes referred top as the Swiss Roll, is as the name implies, from Switzerland, but has made its way into French, Spanish, and Pan-European cuisines. Each culture alters the fillings based on tastes and local produce. In Barcelona, the flavor of the day is Persimmon. I love persimmon and figured it would be a beautiful flavor to finish our dinner.

Trifecta of Jam – Rhubarb, Mixed Berry, and Strawberry

I recently posted my Mango Jam recipe, but as delicious as it is, one pot of Jam is never enough for a High Tea! For our tea on Saturday, we were expecting a dozen guests, so I figured I needed at least four different jams! To cover the Jam rainbow, I served the Mango Jam…