Beef Wellington

As Gordon says, the star of the dish is a perfectly medium-rare piece of filet mignon, and I wanted to celebrate that! My friend Anwar, who runs International Grocery and Halal Meat, Inc. offered to find me a filet mignon for my dish. What an adventure that was! I came to the shop and he cut open a cow to find the tenderloin for me. I got to watch him butcher the meat and point at the cut I wanted. I ended up with about 3 pounds in two pieces. Thank you Anwar!

Bastilla of Fez with Chicken

There is some strange thrill that goes along with creating complex recipes, I tend to include at least one for every country I explore. The Bastilla is an intricate savory (and yet still sweet) pastry that is generally served during wedding feasts in Fez. The dish is served between the Moroccan Salad Course and the…