Civet of Venison with Porcini Mushrooms

When we were travelling in Barcelona in December, I noticed that wild game was a frequent visitor on the menus in Catalan restaurants, and in the winter months, stews were a particular favorite. I was thinking that another mixture of meat and mushrooms were in order. I figured venison would go well with the earthiness of Porcini mushrooms, and to add a bit of spice and sweetness, I paired them with Chorizo.

Roast Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup

Soup is one of Nico’s favorite “food categories” and has been perfect through this strange cold spell on the east coast these past few weeks. Nico made a request for some kind of pumpkin soup, so I figured we would go for a butternut squash and carrot. I like to roast the squash and carrots to shorten the soup cooking time but also to give a sweetness and smokiness to the vegetables that is generally not activated with just boiling them.

Lamb, Onion, and Apricot Tagine with Tomatoes and Almonds

In preparation for my Moroccan Dinner coming up in two weeks, I ordered a beautiful, hand molded, unglazed cooking tagine. I looked at many many options! There are gorgeous serving tagines with intricate patterns and glazes, and perfectly molded wheel-thrown tagines, but for me, there was something really appealing about this slightly awkward, not quite…