Beef Wellington

As Gordon says, the star of the dish is a perfectly medium-rare piece of filet mignon, and I wanted to celebrate that! My friend Anwar, who runs International Grocery and Halal Meat, Inc. offered to find me a filet mignon for my dish. What an adventure that was! I came to the shop and he cut open a cow to find the tenderloin for me. I got to watch him butcher the meat and point at the cut I wanted. I ended up with about 3 pounds in two pieces. Thank you Anwar!

Almond Pithiviers with Rum-Infused Prunes – with Puff Pastry Recipe

I┬áhave had a decade and a half long obsession with Almond Croissants. When I lived in New York, I ran from one French bakery to another surveying the croissants. La Bergamote in Chelsea have the best twice baked beauties! They have always been this mythical pastry that I could never quite make myself. I have…