Plum Cobbler

A cobbler is an easy and delicious dessert, you are basically making a loose jam filling and covering it in biscuits. Most people recommend a dollop of wet biscuit dough on top, which is really delicious in and of itself, but I like to use my standard biscuit dough to have nice fluffy biscuits. I press the dough out and fold it five times to create lovely layers as it bakes. If you want an even simpler dough, make it as the recipe calls and skip the folding, just dollop it on with a big spoon.

3 Ingredient Cantaloupe Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Maker!

Has it finally stopped raining? Well at least its sunny for the weekend! After spending a fabulous afternoon floating on a giant pink flamingo at my friend Teresa’s home, I decided I should make some more ice cream! I bought a cantaloupe at the market last weekend, but I forgot to eat it and found…