Daria Souvorova

20 minutes
makes: 7-8 cups

Beautiful hot pots are made with the amazing Dashi broth!

This simple broth is the base for many Japanese sauces and soups. Unlike Western broths, which gain their flavor from time and slow simmering, Dashi is imbued with umami from dried kelp and bonito flakes which release their goodness after a quick simmer.

I love how quick everything about Japanese cooking is. It is like art, everything is done in minutes, but it takes decades of practice and repetition to perfect.


  • 5-6 inch piece if kombu, gently wiped to remove any dirt (make sure not to wipe off the white stuff)
  • 8 cups water
  • 3 cups lightly packed bonito flakes
    1. Place water and kelp in a pot. heat on medium until small bubbles form, be careful not to boil, as this makes the kombu give off a bitter taste.
    2. Discard kombu.
    3. Add bonito flakes and stir.
    4. Steep for about 2 minutes before straining though a cheesecloth lined sieve.
    5. Do not squeeze the flakes too much as this will also give the broth a bitter taste.
    6. Store for up to four days.
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