Chez Nous: Communal Dinners the Cookbook

cover 70 pound paper

I am so thrilled to announce that Chez Nous: Communal Dinners is published!

A lot of people have been asking about getting a copy, so I have made an etsy shop for orders!


A huge thank you to all of you who have sponsored my Kickstarter project and pre-ordered your copies of Chez Nous! 

Chez Nous: Communal Dinners

Thank you to Nicolas Charon for his huge donation to the project!

Thank you to Isabelle and Pierre Charon, Katerina Souvorova and Alexander Souvorov, Rafael Soldi, George Billis, Molly Dill, Ivan Souvorov, and Omead Afshari for their generous support!

Thank you to Kiki Broderick, Terry and Neil Shovlin, Nancy Bea Miller, Brian Starnes, Linda Popp, Jacintha Clark, Matt Clark, Leslie Aguila, Megan McCall, Kirsch Jones, Meg Sussman, Martin Bauer, Siri Ming, Paul Escande and Lisa Lafeuillade, Mary Beth Loup, Irene Ikwasaka, Beth Hudson, Jim Bryan, Jackeline Soto and Keith Rama, Jennifer Erickson, Moh Fahrid, Christopher Blum, Romain and Vanessa Nardou, Linda McConaghy, Edward Mudd, Fori McLean, Michael Dewberry, Sebastian Lange and Gunes Orman for pre-ordering the full package!

Thank you to Ana Rankin, James Morrison, Laura Laubenthal & Erik Genalo, Liberty Grayek, Rebecca Mlinek, Natalia Cepeda, Mike Loverde, and Kim Bottini for pre-purchasing your copy of my first edition cookbook!

Thank you to Joe Giordano, Patty Nolan, Sloan WIllis, Lucy Lee,  Hayley Nelson, Manda Remmen, Olga Miller, Carolyn Garay, Stephanie Lindstrom, Marsha Mack, Martha Kent Martin, Vinny Sacchetti, Rachel Valsing, Stephanie Klapper, Antonietta Coccaro, Siam Hossain, Chet Gray, Visahavel Parthasarathy, and Tamar Holton Hinshaw for your generous contributions!

Huge thank you to Vinny Sacchetti for the awesome Kickstarter video!

And finally, thank you so much to all of my wonderful friends who spread the word and helped me make this happen!

Love you all!


Chez Nous: Communal Dinners


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